MUMBOT WORLD Plush Collection

MUMBOT WORLD was created by the artist, toy designer, storyteller & world builder known as MUMBOT.MUMBOT has created not only a brand, but a whole magical world & lore where original characters: Aughostus the Ghost, Mossy the Moss Spirit, Shumi Mushrumi the Mushroom Spirit, Girl From the Forest Floor, Cryspu the Crystal Spirit, Skully Bones & more characters come to life.MUMBOT has built the brand from it's early stages—over 15 years ago drawing, painting, making zines, mini comics, hand sewing felt plush, hand sculpting/silicon mold making/resin casting in-house—to producing/manufacturing full collections of soft vinyl toys, sofubi, enamel pins, stickers, apparel and plush. MUMBOT WORLD plush & apparel are available in stores such as Hot Topic, Box Lunch & other fine retailers across the country (see list below). One-of-one and limited edition digital collectibles have also played a huge role in building the brand. MUMBOT has been a speaker at VeeCon as well as other conferences. Operating in Web3 since early 2021, onboarding, building - trying to come up with new ways to create cool stuff & innovate. Founder of global creative community GHOST CLUB.Currently, the potential is limitless with MUMBOT's original IP. A pilot for an animated series, as well as an indie game - the trailer for which is available to view on YouTube for "MUMBOT WORLD(s)" *see banner at the top of the page for more details—are even more examples of what is in development.

Aughostus was launched into space on January 18th, 2024.

On January 18th, 2024 - Aughostus set sail for the stars. The Aughostus plush toy was in space for 21 days.Following your heart can bring you places you only dreamed of. In my case, I dreamed of going to space as a child… I would never have imagined my art would be what brings me there.“A.S.I.” Spectral Star Quest digital artwork along with a physical Aughostus plush launched into space on Axiom Space's Ax-3 mission via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. The Aughostus plush toy & digital artwork auctioned on the blockchain through a partnership with Transient Labs & Nifty Gateway, were one of the Axiom Space "Space Grails" inaugural art pieces launched aboard Ax-3 on 1/18/2024 via SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket which was docked at the ISS for it's duration. 🚀👻💫

༓Welcome to the magical world of MUMBOT༓

The first MUMBOT WORLD Plush Collection features nature inspired characters: Mossy the Moss Spirit, Cryspu the Crystal Spirit and Aughostus the Ghost - in soft, plush form for all of your snuggling needs.Collection 2 was released in 2022 and features Skully Bones - the Skeleton (Aughostus's BFF), Shumi Mushrumi - the Mushroom Spirit (Mossy's BFF) and Bow Bow - the Rainbow Spirit!


The MUMBOT WORLD Plush collection is available now!See the list of fine retailers below: